Interested in early stage companies, impact led people & ventures, design and making things work better especially where that is better for people and the planet. 

The companies / projects I have set up and where I spend most of my time are below. I also make occasional Investments in early stage founders/ventures and make regular contributions to a range of Impact orientated or socially important things 

Australia's Online Mortgage Broker

UNO combines unparalleled service with technology to streamline the entire process of getting and having a home loan so you save time, hassle and money for the entire time you have a home loan

The only mortgage broker to have won a Good Design Award for the loanScore technology we pioneered in 2019

Rethink the way the world works

I interview people from all over the world who are changing our systems for the better. This might be food, energy, finance, education, health, environment, charitable.. anything really as long as it aligns to at least one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals

Build complex logic with nocode to power anything

autologic has a vision to power the complex logic within every decision, process or interaction inside of any organisation globally by making it easier, faster and cheaper to create & manage complex logic via nocode instead of paying expensive engineers to write & maintain custom code. 

In doing so we want to make the world more efficient which in a world of finite resources matters.

The last belt you'll ever own.

Patented design with no moving parts but completely interchangeable means a belt that goes with everything but will outlive its owner

Our mission is to inspire people to buy better and buy less. To make the last belt you'll ever own and make it affordable for everyone and put a dent in the 400 million belts bought every year.

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