Over the years I've made some investments into early stage companies. The main ones I've invested in and helped are listed here in alphabetical order. I'm not actively investing right now but try me on Twitter if you think you have something I'll love. 

I won't invest unless I care enough about it to also advise (formally or informally)

Amber Electric

By letting individuals, households and businesses buy power at the wholesale rate (which changes every 30 minutes as more or less energy is available) they are helping shift us to a renewable powered energy future faster.

Car Clarity

Car Clarity are re-thinking the entire customer experience of finding, funding and owning a car building technology and service to a disjointed, antiquated and opaque industry 


eTool have built world class data and technology that enables architects, builders, developers and governments to understand the embodied energy (ie the energy in the materials) of the houses, buildings & structures they build. This energy represents over 10% of carbon emissions globally 


Frollo delivered on the vision of Planwise, to help people better manage their money. They are the leading provider of personal finance management technology to Australian banks and ultimately led the adoption of Open Banking in Australia. 


The first and currently only company to be granted a banking license in Bermuda's specifically around crypto and digital ledger technology. Jewel are on track to power some of the most critical infrastructure in the emerging crypto and DeFi space 

Our Leg Up

Our Leg Up is a novel financial services product that unlocks the capital tied up in existing property so that it can help aspring home owners get into homes faster. It creates a more equitable housing opportunity 


Valiant Finance is rethinking the entire customer experience to enable small business owners to focus on growing their business and serving their customers instead of having to find, secure and manage their funding & finances

Small businesses are the backbone of an economy, empowering them improves society 


Vidaura have a vision to transform the way hiring happens in an industry that is highly manual, disorganised and unfair. They are especially focused on services industries that have younger and more mobile workforces however are ultimately building a better way of hiring 


Primary is the modern operating system for treasury management. Early stage companies need to be incredibly capital efficient but are hamstring at the earliest stages from having the kind of capital allocation that adds months or years to runway. 


Thriday is an all-in-one financial management platform that automates accounting & tax and shows the health of your business in real-time. With built-in transaction accounts, Visa Debit card, invoicing and receipt scanning, it gives you complete control over your business finances. 

Hero Packaging

Packaging is inevitable but it can be done better. Hero have taken up the charge and are building an amazing business by providing sustainable alternatives throughout the entire eCommerce spectrum of needs 


An amazing hot sauce and so much more. Cheeky, irreverent and on a complete tear. Long time supporter & friend of the founders 

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