If you think my experience or skills might be useful to you or what you're trying to build then I'm open for ad hoc advisory. I don't actively make money from my advisory but I'm pretty bad at saying no so in an effort to balance time and reward I have a standard approach. 

I can join a 1 hour call, billed at $200 USD for the hour. This call/video call should have a very specific agenda and set of objectives/outcomes that you are looking to get out. I subscribe to the Amazon method of pre-reading to provide context so the time in the meeting is more effective and efficient. I would highly recommend sending a pre-read. The time to read this is not charged.

You can share this via google doc so you can remove access to it later. I don't sign NDAs for this advisory. 

The areas where I think I can add value are (in no particular order)

  • Product strategy
  • Go to market strategy
  • Founder challenges
  • Board and Executive setup, management and issues
  • Funding
  • Work productivity
  • Culture & values
  • Brand strategy

I'm not an engineer but technical enough to consider those aspects. My domain expertise is largely financial services but the above skills should stretch to most verticals. I have primarily worked in early stage companies up to 100 people so if you're later stage than this my experiences may not align to your needs. 

If this all sounds valuable then you can book in and pay via the link below 

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